Bob the Godfather Hello! My name is Roger Hicks, but on the net I go by BobTHJ. I'm the father of eight lovely children and husband to my beautiful wife Crystal. I own and operate several small businesses:
  • Bob's Quality Vending - A snack and soda vending company servicing over 200 locations in Western Colorado from Montrose to Glenwood Springs.
  • Integrity Technology - A hi-tech company providing IT services and web design. Also operating several of the web-based projects detailed below.
  • Bob's Quality Games - A board and card game design company providing an outlet for my creative energies (just getting this started).
Today in Board Games Today in Board Games
Today in Board Games is a weekday newsletter summarizing the latest news, articles, and reviews in the board gaming industry. The newsletter is published five times a week and regularly gives away great games and prizes.
Game Designer Chronicles Game Designer Chronicles
This is a blog and podcast dedicated to game design (specifically board game design) and is my latest web project. It features daily content including game reviews, interviews, articles, and more.
Roleplay Market Roleplay Market
Roleplay Market is an online play-by-post forum-based website where you can play pen and paper roleplaying games online. Unlike other play-by-post sites, Roleplay Market has been custom built from the ground up with roleplaying in mind and includes many advanced features such as secure die-rolling, in-post tile-based combat maps, random generators, in-character posting, and more. The site has been operating since February of 2006, and is my longest running still-active project.
Past Projects
Hicks Family Blog Hicks Family Blog
This is my personal blog. On it you will find a wide variety of posts: family information, book & game reviews, thoughts on living as a Christian, thoughts on political events, and more. Check here for a peek into my mind. This blog is still online but hasn't been updated in a long while. I am presently working to replace it with a new blog and podcast about intentional living featuring my lovely wife as the co-host.
Daily Funny The Daily Funny
The Daily Funny is your daily (or weekly, or monthly, depending on how often I update it) dose of humor. I post jokes, funny pictures, hilarious videos, and links to humorous things on the web here. Some of it you may have heard/seen before, but I'm sure you'll find something here to chuckle at. One other note: I try to keep all the humor on the Daily Funny family friendly - no dirty jokes here. The Daily Funny is presently offline and will likely remain so.
Fantasy Quest Fantasy Quest
Fantasy Quest is a PBBG (Persistant Browser Based Game) set in a custom designed fantasy world of my creation. As a player you manage a party of adventurers as they attempt to explore and change the world around them. It is a cross between a single and multiplayer experience with throwbacks to the old days of text-based role-playing games. Your actions have the potential to cause widespread changes to the gameworld. As much of the content is periodic or cyclic there is always something new to experience each time you log in. Fantasy Quest is presently offline for a full code rewrite, though I plan to revive this project in the not too distant future.
Card Market Card Market
Card Market was a trading website allowing collectors of Magic and the classic Decipher CCGs (Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR) to trade, buy, and sell cards. It operated from 2001 until around 2006 before being eclipsed by more modernized services such as CardShark.
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